Movie Experience, South African romantic movie in Afrikaans with English subtitles

A Uniquely Different Movie Experience.

How did it come about that I watched an exceptional movie twice on the same day? A first in a lifetime experience.

Wednesday, January 30, 2018, was my mother-in-law’s 91st birthday.  I completed my daily tasks by lunchtime.  What was I going to achieve in the afternoon?  Going for a walk outside was out of the question with subzero temperatures.  Watching TV was plainly boring with the selection of soap operas available.  Driving around was a waste of fuel, and quite mindless.  Occasionally I might visit the local mall to walk for exercise and to pass the time.  In reality, this is an excuse to see people and take me away from my solitary confinement of working alone at home.

We have an account with Amazon that entitles us to stream movies to our TV or iPad.  Most movies are included with our account.  Additional movies are available for a nominal fee.  Linda and I have quite different tastes in movies.  I am a sucker for romantic movies, a genre that is not at the top of Linda’s viewing list.  Linda normally selects the movies we watch.  Using my iPad, which has far better search capabilities than available on the TV, I found a movie on Amazon running for 1 hour 44 minutes that I thought might be ideal.  I watched it with a broad smile of satisfaction in the afternoon, at home, on our television set.  Just what the doctor ordered on a cold afternoon sitting next to the fireplace.

Linda leaves for work at 7:00 am and normally arrives home after 5:00 pm.  On this day Linda was late because Robyn was stuck at a meeting at work and Linda had to collect the twins from school and take them to Robyn’s home awaiting Robyn or Darin’s return.  Linda arrived home prior to 7:00 pm.

Our regular ritual is to eat dinner followed by watching recorded TV shows including the news, and Ellen.  This allows us to skip through the advertisements.  On this occasion, I pleaded my case with Linda to please watch this movie assuring her that there are no bare bosoms, no simulated or actual sex, and no vulgar language.  Linda agreed with my persuasion, and we kicked off the movie.

A couple of moments into the movie I heard Linda groan one of those groans saying in not so many words; “what I have got myself into?”  On the other hand, I was smiling like a Cheshire cat fully enjoying watching it all over again.  You really get so much more perspective with a second viewing.  The movie was in Afrikaans and Linda was not too sure that she would accurately follow the storyline.  What surprised Linda is that this movie was not listed as a foreign film on Amazon.  One comment from a viewer at Amazon said she thought this was a Scandinavian movie until she got to the end and saw that it was Afrikaans.  She complained that the subtitles were yellow and very difficult to read.  We watch without subtitles.

“Forever”, released in South Africa as “Vir Altyd,” “Childhood friends, Nina and Hugo chose different paths in life.  Years later, Hugo returns to his hometown unbeknownst to him, the day before Nina’s wedding.  Events on the wedding day throw them back together and they embark on a new adventure.”

This movie revolves around the lives of 5 couples of differing ages.  It highlights the situations and circumstances of marriage.  I do not plan to be a movie spoiler.  Trust me that this is a feel-good, happy ending story.  The scenery in Cape Town (Paarl) and Mauritius is a big plus.

I have not had the extreme pleasure to see the incredibly attractive leading lady Donnalee Roberts, in any other movies yet, and for women, lead actor Ivan Botha is a handsome guy.  They wrote and co-produced the movie, as well as “Pat Na You Hart (Road to Your Heart).” Read details here.  This is a worthwhile read if you are interested in love and marriage.

Researching is exciting.  Here is what I just learned, Road to Your Heart, a 2014 movie with these two actors is also available on Amazon.  Might this be tonight’s viewing?

Being a consummate romantic, I was curious to see if Donnalee Roberts and Ivan Botha were married in real life.  I learned that Donnalee married Gerber in 2010 and divorced him in 2013 because of his infidelity.  Donnalee and Ivan got engaged in May 2017.

Bottom line: what a fun movie day.  What a unique experience of seeing the same movie twice in one day.  I thought that my mom was crazy to see The Quiet Man seven times.  Mom loves the Irish.

January 31, 2018