Boyes Drive, Cape Town, South Africa. A scenic route.

Cape Town is not short of scenic drives as you might have seen from the Chapman’s Peak Drive post.  The YouTube video below starts on the main or beach road and exists onto Boyes Drive for a beautiful view as we crest the mountain and descend the other side to provide views that are even more breathtaking.  The 7 km (4 miles) is a fabulously scenic drive along the mountainside above Muizenberg and Kalk Bay was completed in 1920.  Enjoy.

Boyes Drive is a scenic road that climbs the lower slopes of Muizenberg Mountain, providing an elevated route above the shoreline of False Bay that offers panoramic views over Muizenberg beach and the Cape Flats.  The drive between Lakeside and Kalk Bay on Cape Town’s Peninsula.

Boyes Drive, Cape Town, South Africa